Buy It Online for Less with C&S Loyalty Points!


At Cleland & Souchet we value our customers and strongly believe that customer loyalty should be rewarded.

That's why we have implemented our Online Loyalty Points program, so that with each purchase you automatically get cash-back in the form of Loyalty Points, which can then be used to reduce the price of your next order!

The number of points you receive back depends on the price of the product, and this is clearly shown on each product before you buy them.

We are very proud of our Loyalty Points program, and where with other companies you may get pennies back on the order, with Cleland & Souchet you get a few Euros back per order minimum!

Loyalty Points Terms:

- Your Loyalty Points will be credited into your account after your order has been processed and delivered.
- Loyalty Points only apply to orders of €20 and over.
- Loyalty Points are only given for purchases made online.
- Loyalty Points  are only redeemable on orders made online.