Chardonnay - Jean Parisot 75cl (Ta Betta Wine Estate)

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Region: Malta

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"The Tenacious. This oak-fermented Chardonnay, produced against all odds, is a complex wine which conveys apricot, white fig and vanilla to balance the acidity and alcohol. A glass, no bring out a bottle of honey-dew amber-coloured nectar. This is a big oak-fermented Chardonnay (14% alcohol by volume) which carries the vanilla of the French-oak and marries it well with the undertones of apricot, ripe white fig, and caramel conveyed by the fruit.

This vintage, in particular, reminds me of the Chardonnay made by Planeta up to a decade or so ago and some big Central Coast Californians. It has the stature to last, becoming increasingly amber with age, but I believe it will grow in complexity with time. I will update my tasting notes each year on this one and hope for at least a decade. A perfect accompaniment for foie gras, sashimi, bouillabaisse, a broad cross-section of cheese but not the heavy blues or overwhelming over-ripe goat, succulent roast chicken sprinkled with cumin, paella, moule, and why not?… ratatouille, roasted vegetables, or pumpkin pie… Owners’ Tasting Notes – May 2019"

Colour : Beautiful white lemon colour, day bright with intense viscosity.

Nose : The nose shows hints of tertiary aromas, lactic (buttery, creamy, toasty), dried fruits (almonds), and spice (vanilla).

Palate : The palate is dry medium to full-bodied, with a medium+ acidity, medium+ alcohol, very well balanced oak, confirming all aromas from the nose. A great complex wine with a long aftertaste.

A wine which will definitely surprise you in a blind tasting!

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